Alec Helmy to Guest on SiN2.0 Podcast

Lyla Katz

SAN JOSE, Calif. — XBIZ President Alec Helmy will appear as a guest on SiN2.0’s adult webmaster podcast.

The discussion, with Sin2.0's owner Jason Hart, will focus on the future of the online adult entertainment industry.

“I’ve been a fan of SiN 2.0 for some time now and I look forward to discussing the future of the online biz with them,” Helmy said. “Some of the topics I plan on focusing on will include the future of online affiliate marketing, paysites and free sites, social media and other emerging forms of online adult entertainment.”

SiN2.0, an online social media website, produces audio podcasts that cover a wide variety of important issues impacting the adult industry. The site uses a unique method of voting, tagging and commenting to determine what information is important and to whom.

“We’re looking forward to getting Alec’s take on what the future holds for our industry," Hart said. “Alec is in a unique position and better able then most to be able to forecast the path which lies before us."

Both and SiN2.0 focus on bringing social media to the adult industry business side by facilitating communication and networking among members of both sites.

The two companies have recently forged a partnership making the SiN2.0 podcast available on, allowing SiN2.0 members to access up-to-date industry news via a homepage widget.

The podcast will be available for download on Monday.