Corbin Fisher Makes Donation to Gay Rights Group

Lyla Katz

SAN DIEGO — Gay production studio,, has made a $60,000 donation to Equality Florida, a gay rights advocacy group.

Corbin Fisher regularly donates to various gay rights groups and charities, including organizations in California and nationwide. The company said the contribution to Equality Florida marks its biggest single donation to an individual group.

"We understand that our audience comes to us for the content that we produce, but also recognize and appreciate that having such a large audience offers an opportunity to positively impact a variety of causes," Corbin Fisher COO Brian Dunlap said. “Through its websites, newsletter and social networking site presence, Corbin Fisher has regularly encouraged members and fans to contribute to causes such as earthquake relief in Haiti, the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the U.S., and relief efforts after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.”

CorbinFisher also encourages its employees to donate their time and resources to charitable and non-profit organizations.

Equality Florida, one of the state’s largest civil rights organizations, told XBIZ this is one of the biggest donations it has received from an individual.

Equality Florida is dedicated to eliminating sexual, racial and gender discrimination.