Lady Calston Ventures Into Gay Novelty Market With New ‘Man Line’

Ariana Rodriguez
TORONTO — After more than 20 years of designing and manufacturing adult novelty products for women and couples, Lady-Calston has launched the Man Line of products targeting gay men.

The Man Line launches with six offerings: the Expand-A-G, Expand-A-Dong, His & His Rabbits, Lil Rasscalls II, InJoy and the Y-Bullet.

Of the six products in the Man Line, the Expand-A-G is available now with the collection’s additional items set to street next month.

The Expand-A-G is a dual pleasure object that massages the prostate and offers testicle stimulation. The size of the prostate massager is controlled with a pump and testicle stimulation is delivered with a seven-function vibe that extends from the prostate device.

“There is no other product on the market like the Expand-A-G,” Gayne said. “Lady Calston prides itself in designing truly unique items that really work. We do not waste a lot of time making each item in 12 colors to give the appearance of a larger collection. In fact, almost all our products come in only one color.”

The Y-Bullet offers one vibrating function with a highly tuned variable speed control.

The In Joy is a multifaceted product, Gayne said. The 7” dildo moves up and down and includes straps to maintain insertion when worn and also features a suction cup for a different hands-free experience.

The His & His Rabbits is a cockring with two points of vibration for two partners to experience testicle stimulation during intercourse.

Calston Industries Owner Larry Gayne told XBIZ that orders and feedback on the Man Line have validated that the company’s foray into the male sex toy market is a success.

“Orders and feedback on the Man Line have been nothing short of incredible,” Gayne said. “So much so, that in fact, I was rather pleasantly surprised. To be candid, this was, in fact, a test for us in this market direction and I could not have imagined a better response.

“Having not marketed to this group previously, I can only say that it appears that little thought has gone into product conception and design in this area. It’s actually quite startling for us, as designers and manufacturers, to ‘trip’ across an existing market which is so poorly served in 2010.”

Gayne said that he plans to expand the Man Line throughout the year and next.

Calston products are distributed from Toronto, which is where its original manufacturing facility is located. The company also has an office in Buffalo, N.Y., and opened a manufacturing plant in China three years ago. The plant is located in the small town of Jiang Shan.

“It was necessary to remain competitive with other companies that were subcontracting in China,” Gayne said. “But, we actually own the company in China. They are my employees and the business there is run by myself and, of course, my Chinese partner.”

Lady Calston’s claim to fame was its pocket-sized oral pleaser the Mini Tongue. With its True Skin design, the five-inch tongue offers a constant life-like licking motion.

“I was completely astounded that people who had already been in this industry for years had not already thought of the Tongue,” Gayne said. “But, they hadn’t! What I have learned (yet again) is that it’s not so much the genius as the desire and effort to honestly design products for the public. If there is one quality that stands out at Lady Calston, it’s our desire to design truly novel items that both work and are affordable.”

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