Dutch Bestiality Content Debate Could Change Law

Nick Roberts

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Bestiality content may soon be banned in the Netherlands.

The Dutch government is currently debating a new law that could forbid the depiction of animals and sex. It is expected that the proposed ban will be put to vote as early as Feb. 2.

According to a Dutch source, two new laws are being considered. The first will forbid sex with animals in any manner. The second law forbids all virtual content including the production, content, possession and distribution of such content.

"The Netherlands control nearly 65 percent of the animal sex content market. "In about two weeks they [the government] will vote for this law, and when I look at the standings now there is a big chance that this kind of extreme content will be forbidden in the Netherlands," he said.

If passed, the new law could effect the balance of the international adult market, according to the source.

He said that not only will Dutch websites be affected, but also foreign companies and webmasters that host their animal sites in the extreme content-friendly Netherlands.

"If the law will be accepted there will be a massive run to countries like Denmark and/or Spain, where this kind of content is still legal," he said.