'Playgirl' Announces Online Instructional Sex Game

Bob Johnson

NEW YORK — Playgirl announced its "Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex" interactive web game that allows users to direct their own sex scenes and master skills.

Developed by Artmunk Games in cooperation with Playgirl, the 3-D sex game is described by the companies as a new form of “edutainment” featuring sexual advice and tips from sex educator JamYe Waxman, M.Ed. and endorsed by psychiatrist Dr. Alan Manevitz, who Playgirl said has been recognized as a top doctor by “New York" magazine.

Waxman, who narrated the game, said that it allows players to virtually master sex positions so that they can become more skilled in their actual love lives. Users direct their own sex scenes and play with camera angles and close-ups.

Other features include tutorials, a sex guide and character customization of face shapes and sizes, pubic hair, breasts, hairstyles, tattoos and lingerie.

The game is available in English and Spanish.and is compatible with Windows PC and Mac OS. Click PLAYGIRLVirtualSex.com for information.