Zero Tolerance, Announce 'Not the Hangover' Parody

Bob Johnson

Philadelphia, PA — Zero Tolerance Entertainment and website, announced plans to shoot and release "Not The Hangover," a porn parody of the Hollywood Golden Globe winner for best comedy/musical.

Zero Tolerance has tapped the writing/directing crew of Brian Bangs and Spock Buckton from POPPORN along with director Mike Quasar to bring “Not The Hangover” to adult. The trio’s previous collaborations include “POPPORN – The Guide to Making Fuck,” and “TMSleaze.”

Director and writer Brian Bangs said, “This is actually a porn parody that we’ve wanted to bring to the market since the late summer of 2009. We’ve had the script for quite some time but we just weren’t happy with it. Spock Buckton and I truly love the film and we wanted to make sure that if we did it, we did it right. Now that we’re happy with the script we feel confident that Zero Tolerance can work with us in creating a smash hit.”

Production of the film is slated to begin early in 2010 with shooting locations in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. For more information contact Brian Bangs at