SocialKink Announces Valentine’s Day Contest

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Fetish social-networking site SocialKink continues its series of contests with a Valentine’s Day contest.

"Valentine's Day is arguably the most romantic day of the year," SocialKink's Daphne Reeder said. "It's definitely a day about expressing the love that exists between partners, and we at SocialKink know better than anyone that those expressions can take many forms. We just wanted to celebrate that a little with our latest contest."

Starting this weekend and running until Feb.14, tweeters can retweet the hashtag #SKPuppyLove to be entered into the prize drawing for a pair of Puppy Fist Mitts, courtesy of

SocialKink members can double their chances of winning by leaving a comment on a review of mitts that will be posted to SocialKink within the next few weeks.

"We at Social Kink would first of all love to thank everyone for making these contests possible, and for everyone who participated in the past ones," Reeder said. "I'm thrilled that so many Twitter users take an interest and spread the word by retweeting. Stockroom has been absolutely terrific, and hopefully we'll come up with even more fun for 2010."

Stockroom's Puppy Fist Mitts consist of foam padded garment fist mitts with a heavy Latigo leather puppy paw shell. The bottoms of the mitts have sturdy leather traction shaped like paw prints. A wrist cuff is riveted to each mitt and has a D-ring and a lockable buckle.