Reusable CollarUp Device Keeps Condoms in Place

Ariana Rodriguez
ATLANTA — Inventor Anthony Mayfield has released the CollarUp, a tool men can use in addition to a condom to increase endurance and protect against STDs and pregnancy.

The CollarUp is a lightweight elastic band that fits around a man’s waist. The collar feature rests over the condom at the base of the penis to prevent the condom from slipping off.

The CollarUp ensures a snug fit — “like a tattoo on teenage skin, it holds its position and won’t come down no matter how rough the ride gets,” the company said.

By stifling premature ejaculation, the safe sex product also acts as a sex enhancer without the need of pills or creams.

“It’s the ideal sex device: it’s where safety and pleasure combine to create a unique product that intensifies sex and creates an unforgettable sexual experience,” Mayfield said.

The product is easy to use and reusable, he added.

CollarUp also offers an affiliate program at

To order CollarUp device or for additional information, email or visit the website.