Raging Stallion Releasing Retail-Friendly Version of Gay Feature

Bob Johnson

SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion Studios is expanding its distribution into the general retail market by releasing a mainstream version of its XXX gay feature “Focus/ReFocus.”

This is the first time the company has ventured into the non-porn entertainment industry, according to company President Chris Ward. The retail-friendly version of the four-disc set will be released on DVD by Breaking Glass Pictures.

Ward said, “We shot the film with the idea that it could be reworked into a mainstream release. What surprised all of us was how excited the distributors were to get their hands on this movie! Obviously here at RSS, we are all proud that our work quality is now considered up to Hollywood standards!"

Director Tony Dimarco delivers a plot-driven murder mystery. "Chris [Ward] suggested that we fully film a mainstream retail version of our XXX feature for general release. It was a great opportunity for me to express myself as a filmmaker. This is a very sexy mainstream movie,” Dimarco said.

When asked why the mainstream version lists only Tony Dimarco as the director (the XXX was directed by Tony, Ben Leon, and Chris Ward), Ward said that most of the footage used in the mainstream version was directed by Dimarco. “Although Ben and I directed some of the footage utilized in the non-porn version, Tony directed 90 percent. Ultimately, this movie is his, and he has earned solo director credit.”

The edited version of "Focus/ReFocus" will be available through all major retailers March 30. For information email justin@bgpics.com.