Mary Carey Spoofs Recall Election

Gretchen Gallen
LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Just when you thought you'd seen enough of porn starlet and gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey, the porn actress-turned-political-candidate is slated to star in Kick Ass Pictures' satire on the recall election.

According to Mark Kulkis, president of Kick Ass Pictures and the man behind Mary Carey's run for governor, the idea for the porn version of the recall election was intended as a light-hearted spoof of the circus-like atmosphere of the gubernatorial election.

Mary Carey became a contract girl with Kick Ass in March of this year and it wasn't until she held her first press conference on the steps of City Hall and representatives from every mainstream media outlet showed up that Kulkis realized he had a hit on his hands.

"Doing the film was a natural progression from her run for governor," Kulkis told XBiz. "We wanted to capitalize on the whole Mary Carey campaign by doing a tell-all with a fantasy twist."

Kulkis said that the film is a satire and nothing else, and the names of the principal characters have been altered so as not to offend anyone currently in public office.

"It's a fun story," Kulkis added. "We're not trying to make any statements."

The behind-the-scenes porn version of Mary's political campaign began shooting this past weekend and will wrap by the end of next week, Kulkis told XBiz.

The spoof will feature characters such as "Spooge Cruztamante," as current deputy governor Cruz Bustamante, and "Ernie Gropeneger" as governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger, making an obvious play on the numerous allegations against Schwarzenegger for groping women during the years prior to his election.

Long-time adult film star Ron Jeremy will star as "Spooge Cruztamante" and Lee Stone will play "Ernie Gropeneger."

The storyline will include live footage of Mary's campaign stops combined with fictitious behind-the-scenes interludes and a sexy fantasy element between Mary and her campaign rivals.

Mary's run as an independent in the election garnered 11,070 votes. She trailed just behind child actor Gary Coleman. One of her central campaign issues was to fight the Federal Government's attempts to harass the adult video industry, and to recruit fellow adult industry performers as ambassadors of good will.

Mary was also in favor of legalizing lap dancing, taxing breast implants, and installing webcams in the governor's mansion.

In her concession speech, Mary said: "I hope from all the positive media attention I've been getting that the Bush administration will realize one important fact – that America loves its porn stars! The largest state in this nation – a state with 54 electoral votes – put a porn star on its ballot today. And this same porn star has been beamed into America’s living rooms almost every night for the past two months. If that's not mainstream acceptance, then I don’t know what is."

At present, Mary has not announced plans to continue her political career, although she has hinted at running for president in the 2004.