VCX Releases 4 Cal Vista Classics Titles

Ariana Rodriguez
LAS VEGAS — VCX rings in 2010 with all-new DVD releases from its Cal Vista Classics line: “All The Way,” “April Love,” “Only The Best From Europe” and “Sally’s Palace Of Delight.”

"It’s a new year and what better way to celebrate than with four new-to-DVD classic erotic masterpieces,” VCX CEO David Sutton said. “As with all of Cal Vista Classic’s superior films these guarantee a perfect blend of storyline, hot sex and all-time classic beauties.”

“All the Way” features a novelist and his wife, played by Georgina Spelvin. The sex-starved spouses crave the bodies of everyone but each other until they reach an inescapable conclusion. The movie also stars Sandra Stevens, Cindy Bell, Arri Gopen, Dana Kahn, Pharaoh Amos and Guy Loma.

In “April Love,” main character Henry’ luck runs out when he has to jump out of a two-story window to escape a jealous boyfriend. However, he has a constant flow of beautiful ladies nursing him back to health. The movie stars Clair Dia, Jennifer Sands and Tom Lawn.

In “Only The Best From Europe,” Cal Vista explores the Europe’s sexual freedom, uninhibited indulgence and voracious appetite for hedonism. The movie stars Sophie Duflot, Brigiette LaHale, Erica Swanson, Teresa Orlowski, Anita Ericsson, Monica Anderson, Brigitte Maier, Dawn Cummings, Dominique Saint Clair, Gabrielle Potello and Eric Edwards.

“Sally’s Palace of Delight” features Sally’s stable of sex-hungry men eager to please every woman’s desire and upscale women seek her services. The movie stars Shell, Celeste, Marie Lapuda, Britt Reed, Dick Pole, Dora Doright, Peter Klein, Mike T. Lawn and Mimi Morgan.

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