Buck Angel to Deliver Keynote Speech at Yale

MINNEAPOLIS — Transsexual performer Buck Angel will descend upon the Yale University campus Feb. 13-14 to give a speech at a Master’s Tea during the Sex Week at Yale event.

Master’s Teas are informal interviews hosted by the Masters of Yale’s residential colleges.

Sex Week At Yale is an interdisciplinary sex education program designed to pique academia's interest in sex, intimacy and relationships through interactive events. Angel will headline the event Buck Angel: Uncensored and will take part in a panel discussion on race and gender in the adult entertainment industry.

Angel is a performer, activist, producer and educator. He currently hosts a weekly show called “Bucking The System,” which can be viewed on YouTube.com/buckangelent.

"I was blown away when I received the call to be a part of this important event,” Angel said. “Sex Week at Yale is a great platform to educate people about sexuality, gender and identity politics. I am very proud to be associated with the nation's most acclaimed college sex celebration."