A New Solution for Site Security

R.J. van Keulen

Is your web site, online store, or server protected well enough? That’s the big question that every Webmaster and server administrator asks themselves at one time or another, and far too often, the answer is "No…"

A new solution is now available from webcomposing.com, with the release of its Robot Control Pro 4.0 software. This web site/store/server protection and monitoring program was written in Perl for fast, invisible, and fully automatic operation with no server performance slow downs. The program is easy to install and compatible with all Unix and Linux servers.

RCP 4 is made for adult and other moneymaking sites that require protection from Dos, shell, root, password, and proxy attacks, as well as viruses, worms, bad spider robots, bandwidth abusers, bad visitors, users, members, and hackers sneaking around for hidden files, scripts or other leaks in your server system. RCP 4 is designed to automatically put an end to this, saving you time and money.

A fully featured password-protected admin area offers the tools to protect and monitor your system. A ‘Blacklist’ page is provided for the standard blocking of bad robots, spiders, page rippers, email collectors, and other known abusers and programs. A ‘Green’ page allows access to search engines. Finally, an ‘Orange’ ban page limits access for all currently banned abusers and known hackers. Users may automatically ban or un-ban anyone based upon their IP address, Useragent, filename or the URL requested. Detailed ban stats show the date, time, and reason why an abuser got banned. Live site statistics display the amount of hits, favorite pages, top most visited URLs and the amount of bandwidth used, and provide a password sharing monitor and more - users can even read site error and access logs without downloading the files.

RCP 4 also takes over the standard robots.txt file process, so only access-approved robots may read the robots.txt file and index your site. Any unknown or ‘bad’ robots that do not obey the robots.txt rules will be banned. Admins may elect to receive automatic email notifications, and have full control over all options.

For more information on RCP 4 including a full feature list, please visit the site.