Unzipped Presents Jan./Feb. Double Issue

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — Unzipped Media has unveiled its January/February double issue, featuring a self-portrait cover by photographer Mike Ruiz.

Ruiz also is featured in an interview in which he discusses how he emerged from his blue-collar community as a top photographer.

The new Unzipped also features three original nude photo sets. Model Michael Anthony offers a lesson in manscaping followed by a tribute to classic Mizer-era photography, Jet Set’s boy-next-door Dex Carter talks sports, and fashion model D.O. goes horseback riding in a shoot by Henning von Berg.

The January/February issue also features “Sexy Saves the Gay,” an in-depth look by Online Editor Sean Carnage at the history of HIV prevention ad campaigns, and how safe sex education has changed through the years.

"We’re really thrilled with this issue," Unzipped Media’s Executive Editor Rick Andreoli said. “I’ve always been a huge fan of Mike Ruiz’s work in magazines like Vanity Fair and Flaunt, and since he’s so damn hot he’s a perfect fit for Unzipped. But add in Sean Carnage’s provocative article on sexy HIV prevention campaigns, as well as more than six original video segments on Unzipped.net, and you’ve got a truly unique entertainment experience that you just can’t find in other gay publications.”

The January/February double issue of Unzipped is available on newsstands now.

For corresponding videos, visit Blog.Unzipped.net/unzipped-videos.