Digital Playground Launches Novelty Line

Ariana Rodriguez
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Digital Playground has launched an exclusive line of sex toys complimenting its blockbuster “Pirates” series.

“Joone wanted a novelty line that delivered on the same promise as the ‘Pirates’ movies,” said Farley Cahen, vice president of novelty development. “We went through hundreds of designs and developed new technologies before we where happy.”

Digital Playground spent more than a year researching, developing and designing to bring consumers a line of novelties unparalleled to any other in the industry, the company said.

The initial launch for the “Pirates”-themed line features 22 SKUs designed to represent unique characters and individual personalities of the series’ stars.

“As we forge into the New Year with an exciting and unique product, our reputation and success of the ‘Pirates’ films not only bring strong credibility to the masses, but a substantial base of loyal fans,” Digital Playground founder Joone said. “Viewers who know and love the films can now take home their own collection and experience a higher level of pleasure.”

The “Pirates” novelty line features performers Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Katsuni, Stoya and Janine.

"Once again, Digital Playground hit it out of the park,” said Joel Kaminsky of Good Vibrations retail chain. “After seeing the line in Berlin it was evident that quality was the No.1 priority.”

Digital Playground conducted focus group testing with more than 50 participants.

“Ultra quiet, super-powered motors were manufactured to optimize stimulation while reducing distraction,” Cahen said. “Every aspect of the cutting-edge designs, to highest quality materials and the unique packaging were carefully considered in an effort to create a branded line that consumers would be attracted to and retailers could profit from.”

The “Pirates” line will be released this month to select retailers and websites. Fans also will be able to locate a local retailer on