Eric Kalén Introduces Tickler, Co-brands With Liberator

Ariana Rodriguez
ATLANTA — Luxury erotic furniture designer Liberator is expanding its brand presence into the sex toy arena by partnering with former LELO chief designer Eric Kalén for the launch of the co-branded Tickler line of vibrators.

Tickler is a family of playful vibrators that includes the Cute Tickler, Rebel Tickler, Sunny Tickler, Mystic Tickler and Bunny Tickler. The line is the brainchild of Kalén who has dedicated his career to great design and functionality.

“One of Tickler’s main idea is to open up new channels and reach a new audience,” Kalén said. “We believe that Liberator is the perfect partner for us to achieve this through the North and South American launch of the Tickler brand presented by Liberator.”

Currently, Tickler is only available in Australia and China. Liberator Chief Sales Officer Michael “Sky” Kane told XBIZ that the partnership will bring exposure to the Tickler line beyond the adult market.

“As our first foray into the toy business, we can use our reputation and exposure in mainstream media — like Maxim and Men’s Health magazines — to present the unique Tickler line to the masses and it becomes acceptable; a normal, retail-friendly line of products that can be sold your local CVS [drugstore].”

Another mainstream consumer-friendly element about the Tickler line is its price. With a MSRP of $34, Kalén told XBIZ that his motive for creating the line is to give people the opportunity to find a high-quality vibrator at an affordable price where they can collect them all.

“Tickler is perfect for first-time buyers,” Kalén said. “My hope is that they have a positive, liberating experience and come back for more.”

The playful designs of Tickler vibes feature bright colors and each one represents a different personality, posing consumers with the question: "Which Tickler are you?”

“We believe that Tickler adds an air of playfulness and fun to the market that is currently missing,” Kane said. “The Tickler concept was adopted for the mainstream market in areas where this industry has typically never been before.”

Each Tickler vibe has its own unique character and individual design that provides different vibration patterns to match an individual’s preference and mood.

The Cute Tickler features a generous surface that allows for vibration over a large area. The Bunny Tickler gives spot-on vibration with its nose. The Mystic Tickler’s sprouts offer a soft fluttering experience. The Rebel Tickler is a versatile vibrator for both internal and external stimulation. The bright yellow Sunny Tickler features a textured surface.

All Tickler vibes are powerful, waterproof, quiet and made from body-safe materials. With batteries included, they are “ready to tickle right out of the box.”

The product is delivered in contemporary packaging together with a stand for storage and display. Kane said two POP displays will be presented at AEE in January. A black aluminum floor display — with only one tool necessary for assembly, which will be included — that will hold 75 units and five samples.

A cardboard counter-top fixture holding 25 units also will be offered. Displays will bear the Liberator name to maximize the power of the brand.

With a partnership that came to fruition over the past year, Kane said it works so well because both sides are on the same page as far as expansion.

“By marrying the name synonymous with great design, Eric Kalén and the Tickler/Liberator brands, I believe that we have a tiger by the tail and that this relationship marks the next step in our evolution as a mainstream provider of sexual well-being products,” he said.

Kane added that future plans include more co-branded products and creating products based on collaboration rather than co-branding.

“This is a great collaboration,” Kalén said. “I think it’s going to be an exciting new year.”

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