Stockroom Takes Over Lube Shooter Master Distribution

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — Fetish gear manufacturer Stockroom has announced that it is the new master distributor and producer of the Lube Shooter in its original design.

The Lube Shooter, a disposable personal lubrication applicator, is now back on the market through Stockroom beginning Dec. 21.

“The Lube Shooter is designed to put intimate lubricants right where they belong: in between the cheeks, and not on the sheets,” Stockroom Brand Manager Ann-Marie Holman said. “This product has been a longtime favorite for retailers and consumers alike, because it’s something everyone can use, so we’re proud to be the ones bringing this wildly popular product back into the stores — and the bedrooms — of its adoring fans.”

Lube Shooter will be released under Stockroom’s KinkLab Bondage Basics line and will sell at wholesale directly to retailers and distributors. As an introductory special, new and existing wholesale and distributor clients will receive 10 percent off their first order of Lube Shooter, the company said.

Stockroom’s Lube Shooters are available in five colors, including smoke grey, red, pink, blue and purple. Each Lube Shooter blister pack contains a plunger and three applicator tips — all made of disposable plastic. The applicator and plunger can be pulled apart for cleaning.

“Since you can use any kind of lube — even hard-to-handle cream lubricants — in the Lube Shooter, the different colors allow people to color-code their lubes so that they’ll reach for the right thing at the right time — and also, so they’ll put the right thing in the right place, which lends itself to safer, more hygienic play,” Holman said. “The Lube Shooter helps you stay smooth, both literally and figuratively.”

The wholesale price for Lube Shooter is $4 and MSRP $7.50.

For additional information, call Stockroom’s wholesale manager Layla Ross at (213) 484-3882, or email