Coquette Reveals Masquerade Line

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario — During the fifth annual International Halloween Show, held Dec. 7-10 at the Halloween Tower in New York City, Coquette International displayed some of its latest creations that are part of its Masquerade line.

Run by the Halloween Industry Association, the show focused on the second largest commercial holiday in the U.S. and allowed consumers to see the latest trends of the upcoming season whether it was costumes or novelties.

Not available in stores until June, Coquette gave attendees a sneak peek of the line, which includes a lumberjack, matador and a ringmaster.

“Halloween is always one of our biggest and busiest seasons” said Marcus Horea, vice president of sales and marketing for Coquette. “We like to attend these types of shows to display our upcoming costumes and get feedback from the people who will be purchasing them.”

Coquette had their line on display in a private showroom located at 366 5th Ave. Dave George, national sales manager for Coquette, was on hand to answer any questions about the line and talk about the upcoming trends for the next Halloween season.