Visconti Triplets' Fleshjack Line Released Today

Ariana Rodriguez
AUSTIN, Texas — Novelty company Fleshlight has introduced the signature Fleshjack line of Visconti Triplets products.

In March, Fleshlight announced the partnership with the gay adult performer trio for a wide-ranging promotional campaign touting a new series of Fleshjack products.

The three identical siblings — Jason, Jimmy and Joey — are exclusive to all-male studio Elite Male.

Their signature line of Fleshjack products include a butt Fleshjack containing a new texture named Squeeze modeled from Joey; a mouth Fleshjack modeled from Jimmy containing a new texture named Swallow and Jason's penis replica made of platinum, medical-grade silicone.

"Elite Male received offers from other novelty manufacturers, but they decided to go with the best,” said Daniel Pacheco, affiliate director for Fleshlight. “I'm very happy they selected Fleshjack as the official manufacturer for their custom-molded products. While they were down here in Austin they were very receptive to the manufacturing process."

Pacheco added that the brothers will be tagged as “the first official Fleshjack Boys” and will be marketed throught the company’s affiliate network.

"Through 2010, we will be adding more gay porn stars to our lineup of Fleshjack Boys," Pacheco said.

The Viscontis’ latest releases include "Brotherhood Secrets" and "Shameless Boy Toys." They maintain an official membership site at

For the Fleshjack Boys line of products, visit