Own a Piece of Tera Patrick’s ‘TITS’ With New T-Shirts

Steve Javors
LOS ANGELES — Teravision gonzo imprint Iron Cross Entertainment has entered into a partnership with TITS Brand clothing to produce a series of two T-shirts featuring adult film star Tera Patrick.

The TERA x TITS line is available now through Metropark stores nationwide and on ShopTits.com.

The Luxury Model shirt has Patrick posing in front of a high-performance luxury car and the Tera Wifey edition features Patrick with a custom motorcycle. Both shirts were designed by TITS owner Marek Grubel off of Evan Seinfeld’s photographs. The two collaborated on each stage of the design process from concept to creation.

“This is going to be bananas, the first official series with Tera Patrick on a tee,” Seinfeld said. “There are so many bootlegs out there, but those pirates can get to the back of the line. TITS Brand celebrates smokin’ hot ladies with great tits and Tera’s are the most famous out there.”

The shirts also will be available soon on TeraPatrick.com and TITS Brand has plans to design more Patrick shirts.

“The TERA x TITS series made sense for us, and one thing we wanted to do is get our customers involved by having them vote on their top choice for which design we decided to use for the first shirt,” Grubel said. “This strategy has worked well for us, and we plan to do this for more designs in the near future.”