Unzipped Spoofs Norman Rockwell Work on Dec. Cover

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — With its December issue, Unzipped magazine parodies the right-wing notion of the traditional family with its version of Norman Rockwell’s famous Saturday Evening Post work “Freedom From Want” on the cover.

The portrait features a gay-for-pay star as dad, a drag queen as mom and “the adult industry’s only monogamous real-life couple.”

“Yes, our December cover is a bit camp,” Unzipped Media Executive Editor Rick Andreoli said, “but the underlying themes are not. No one should dictate what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes, and certainly no one should be denied the privileges of marriage simply because they may not conform to a narrow-minded model of what a vocal minority feels is acceptable.”

December’s issue of Unzipped tackles stereotypes as straight man Chris Rockway divulges how he became a top-tier gay-for-pay porn star, the Jarics (Aden and Jordan) reminisce about their wedding day alongside loving and supporting family, and professional illusionist Shannel talks about the gay community’s own hang-ups with gender roles.

“This portrait of the modern gay community is thought-provoking, complex, loaded with sexiness, and a far cry from the demonized, hell-bound portrait that the right wing paints on a daily basis,” the company said. “Americans are more than just one color, one creed, and one orientation. Unzipped celebrates the diversity of Americans and most especially American values that are oftentimes in direct opposition to what the right wing likes to call ‘family values.’”

The December issue of Unzipped is available on newsstands now. For subscriptions or more information visit Unzipped.net.