Eros & Iris Unveils New Eco-Friendly Toys

Bob Preston
VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Eros & Isis, Loving Inspiration Inc. has launched a new line of adult toys based on imagery from the film industry and inspired by the beauty of antique heirlooms.

Company CEO and fonder Iesza Jessica said she decided to design the new line of toys after she found the current selection of adult toys wanting. She said she drew on her experience as a model-maker for the mainstream film industry to guide her design of the new line of silicone toys.

The company describes its new line of toys as "interactive art." Each of the toys resembles a brass-plated ornament typically fopund in Victorian-era townhomes. For example, one dildo could double as the finial on the top of an old oil lamp, but according to the company, the seemingly hard toy is "soft and warm" to the touch, and made of food-grade, non-toxic silicone.

Eros & Isis also carries a line of lingerie that aims to be eco-friendly as well by eschewing wires and clasps and instead fastening entirely with ribbons and ties.

Representatives for Eros & Isis added that the company chose to keep production of its toys in North America — specifically, British Columbia — to reduce shipping costs and help make the company more green.