Empire Labs Featured on ‘Portland Sucks’ Radio Show

Ariana Rodriguez
PORTLAND, Ore. — Becky Burke, product sales manager and Tanya, an Empire Labs product designer, were guests on yesterday’s episode of “Portland Sucks” Internet radio show.

The Empire Labs representatives discussed the company’s most popular products, including the Clone-A-Willy and the process of replicating body parts.

According to the show’s host, the samples brought to them were replicas of fingers, a fist and foot. They described the material used as being silicone-based, phthalate-free and not harmful to the body because of strict standards for shipping to Europe.

“It feels like oatmeal when you stick something in, then it comes out feeling like jello,” one of the women from Empire Labs said.

While Clone-A-Willy makes a replica of a penis, if a customer wants a replica of a penis and testicles included, Empire Labs offers the Make Your Own Dildo kit.

Empire Labs cloning kits create very detailed replicas, the company’s representatives said. The texture and veins clearly appear and finger replicas will even leave prints. Burke and Tanya discussed having to cut off the tips of finger replicas when presented at exhibitions out of fear that they will be stolen and left behind at a crime scene.

Clone-A-Willy also is available for creating chocolate, candle and soap-on-a-rope replicas. The item’s biggest buyers are soldiers, truckers and people in long-distance relationships, they said.

The Clone-A-Pussy is only available for chocolate replicas and cannot be penetrated, it only molds a vagina aesthetically, Empire Labs’ representatives said.

The Clone-A-Willy is available online on the company’s website, Spencer’s Gifts locations, adult stores and soon will be offered on Drugstore.com, they said.

Burke and Tanya also discussed Empire Labs’ other products, including finger vibes, vibrating tongue rings and Love Shots, the male enhancement energy drink.