AEBN to Stream Raging Stallion's 'The Visitor'

Bob Preston
CHARLOTTE — Raging Stallion's bug-budget science-fiction epic "The Visitor" will make its debut online through AEBN's streaming theater.

The title stars Logan McCree as an extra-terrestrial scientist who visits earth to study the sexual habits of men. The cast also includes Bruno Bond, David Taylor, Angelo Marconi, Junior Stellano, Austin Wilde, Cole Streets, Damian Rios, Lucky Daniels and Dominic Pacifico.

Raging Stallion's Chris Ward praised the direction of Tony DiMarco.

"Tony has put together one of the most erotic, modern movies of the year," he said. "The special effects in this film are over the top and Logan McCree gives what is clearly the finest performance of his career. This is a top Raging Stallion movie that might well compete for Best Picture of the Year."

The title also features the onscreen debut of AEBN's highly touted sex toy, the RealTouch. Although the title itself isn't yet compatible with the device, McCree's character uses the device while researching human sexual practices.

"This is a phenomenal title," AEBN's Chris Baker said. "Logan McCree is very hot right now, and for good reason. He is amazing in this film. No one who watches this will be disappointed."