Collin O’Neal Launches

Ariana Rodriguez
MIAMI — Collin O’Neal and business partner Rich Richards have launched

“I must say, this has been one of the most frustrating, yet exhilarating times of my life,” O’Neal said.

Collin decided to relaunch his website as after creating a solid brand as World of Men. is still fully owned by Collin O’Neal as Collin O’Neal Productions but will be redirected to

“In this day and age of the smarter and financially savvy consumer, I decided there was no reason to try and fool consumers by using same or similar content on two different websites like many companies are doing right now, instead, I decided for a rebranding as World of Men,” O’Neal said.

World of Men first appeared on his line of DVDs in 2006 with “World of Men: Miami.” While previously associated with Raging Stallion Studios, O’Neal brought the bulk of his DVD line home to Miami Beach and changed all DVD covers, previously printed as Raging Stallion, to reflect his brand World of Men.

“I really owe my start in the DVD market to Chris Ward,” O’Neal said. “He really took a chance on me that paid off for both of us. The break was not due to any conflict with Chris, but rather my own pride in the brand I created and need to control my company fully.”

In June O’Neal took full control of

“I first tried to sell the website, but in this economy the only companies interested were looking for a fire sale and I just couldn’t sell my company for pennies on the dollar,” he said. “I finally decided to pull it together and run the site with my business partner Rich and that’s it.”

O’Neal was able to get express approval from CCBill for payment processing, then was introduced to a content management system and cloud server provider who worked together to get up and running.

“The CMS system allows Rich and I to do everything in just a few key strokes in just a few hours. It is just completely amazing and a highly end user friendly system,” O’Neal said.

O’Neal said his content is fully trademarked, dating back to 2005, for World of Men.