Roku Set-Top Box Opens Doors to Adult

Bob Preston
LOS GATOS, Calif. — Adult has finally come to the Roku set-top box, but it’s hidden.

For the uninitiated, the Roku box is a multimedia entertainment box that connects to TVs and delivers content from Netflix, Amazon Video, and Major League Baseball.

The company just unveiled plans to expand its content offerings and functionality with the addition of support for, Facebook Photos, Flickr, FrameChannel, Mediafly, MobileTribe, Motionbox, Pandora, Revision3 and TWiT.

But the big news for adult is that Roku has opened the door for porn — albeit only a sliver. With the introduction of membership-based sites like Facebook and Flickr to the Roku ecosystem, the box’s inventors have allowed for adult producers and distributors to be able to sell their wares through password-protected channels.

“While the Roku Channel Store won’t distribute porn publicly, there are some hidden channel features whereby partners can make a channel available using a code,” Roku spokesperson Brian Jaquet said. “This could be used for things like distribution to vertical markets like education and training videos that can be pushed to private groups for viewing on the TV on demand instead of having to set up a satellite feed or send DVDs.”

Adult professionals who use Facebook for promotions should note the limited functionality of Roku’s Facebook interface, which can only download Facebook photos and display them as an onscreen gallery.