Newsweek Taps Pink Visual’s Allison Vivas for ‘Decade in Rewind’

Ariana Rodriguez
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pink Visual President Allison Vivas was selected by Newsweek magazine to provide analysis for the magazine’s “20/10: The Decade in Rewind” special.

The “20/10: The Decade in Rewind” project was undertaken in conjunction with social-networking giant, and highlights memorable events and personalities of the first 10 years of the 21st century.

Vivas was thrust into the mainstream media spotlight earlier this year when she was honored by the American Solutions for Winning the Future, an organization led by Newt Gingrich — the Entrepreneur of the Year award was revoked when the organization realized the nature of Vivas’ company

“I was stunned and humbled to be asked to participate in Newsweek’s look at the past decade; I half expected this offer to be revoked, as well,” Vivas said. “To be invited to participate alongside such accomplished professionals, including prominent politicians Bill Clinton and Michael Bloomberg, journalists Katie Couric and Dan Rather and media personalities like Donald Trump and Bill Maher, is truly an honor.”

Vivas’ comments for Newsweek appear in the list of the decade’s 10 biggest sex scandals to be published tomorrow. The list covers a variety of topics, which can viewed here.

Also offering her insight in the list of the 10 biggest sex scandals is cross-over adult star Sasha Grey, who goes into detail on the recent scandal involving South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

“I want to thank Newsweek for giving me the opportunity to participate in the magazine’s look at the past decade, and hopefully readers will appreciate my serious undertones in a lighthearted fashion,” Grey said.