Evil Angel Files Piracy Lawsuit

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Adult production studio Evil Angel is heading to Canadian court.

At issue is the alleged manufacture and distribution of several counterfeit Evil Angel DVD titles by five Canadian companies and three individuals.

The companies listed in the complaint are 144942 Canada dba Kaytel Video Distribution, Leisure Time, Canada, Transworld Sales Agency, Jacky's One Stop Distribution and Sylnet Distribution.

The three individuals are Alain Elmaleh, Jacky Elkeslassy and Gerald Ouzzan.

Originally brought to court in September, the complaint also alleges mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering.

It also is not the first case to be brought against Elmaleh and his Kaytel Video Distribution company for piracy violations. In July of 2004, J.M. Productions filed suit against Kaytel for copyright infringement and unfair competition for video and images allegedly sublicensed to AdultBouncer.com without permission.

Evil Angel and attorney Allan Gelbard are seeking unspecified damages from the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. Gelbard also has called for a temporary restraining order and a request to Canadian authorities to seize relevant computer data, documents and other related electronic records from the companies and individuals listed in the lawsuit.

“We’ll be proceeding in Canada to obtain the right to use any evidence seized in Canada and the U.S. actions,” Gelbard said. “We'll be proceeding in the U.S. action commencing discovery. I anticipate there will be some heavy discovery and heavy motions practices going on.”

Gelbard was hesitant to speculate on when an actual trial date might be set.

“I think any trial is about a year out,” he said.

Evil Angel and owner John Stagliano are no strangers to piracy battles. The company has for years aggressively pursued counterfeiting operations both domestically and internationally in an effort to combat the estimated tens of billions lost every year due to adult piracy.