JoyDivision Releases 2-Colored Joystick Vibes

HANNOVER, Germany — Adult novelty manufacturer JoyDivision has released three two-colored vibes: the Fury, Fire and Flic Flac.

The Fury vibe is available in black-pink, blue-white and red-white color combinations. It features a flat tip that’s designed to reach all pleasure zones.

The Fire vibe is available in red-yellow, black-white and rose-violet color combinations. Its smooth curved shape, and the fine tip is designed for clitoral stimulation.

The Flic Flac is available in green-white, pink-white and violet-white. Its ergonomic rounded head is designed to adapt to the natural curves of the female body.

All of JoyDivision’s Joysticks are made from silicone and are equipped with a water resistant dial control.