BuddyProfits Launches VintageGayLoops.com

MONTREAL — Affiliate program BuddyProfits has announced the launch of VintageGayLoops.com.

The new site is a chronicle of the history of 8-mm adult gay films from the early 1960s to the mid-1970s. These films, made in black-and-white or color, were produced as calling cards for escort services and then developed as 8-mm loops for special screenings.

“In addition to the vast catalog of scenes already available on the site, we will be presenting some ground-breaking never-before-seen vintage footage of some of the biggest names from porn and Hollywood,” said David Stidler, a collector of vintage gay content. “For instance we have footage from porn legend John Holmes very first appearance in a gay porn movie.

“It wasn’t long ago that gay porno films were illegal, unlike today when we have full amendment rights, such as free speech. You have to understand that there was a fight for these rights. The foundation for the gay rights movement that was sparked in the ‘60s was caused by the fact that gays couldn’t congregate; they couldn’t get together in bars. This was illegal. This new site is a celebration of those early days and how far we have come since then.”

VintageGayLoops.com features new vintage scenes every week, a blog that invites members to share their stories from the past, a vintage photos collection and a Pride Timelines section.

“Vintage Gay Loops is a truly unique new site for Buddy Profits and is one of the most compelling vintage sites available,” said Stephan Sirard, president and CEO of Next Door Entertainment and Buddy Profits. “As a gay adult company we have a great appreciation for the history of this industry and are very proud to launch this new site. I believe there’s an audience that will remember these vintage scenes and a whole new audience who will be fascinated with these long lost gay porn loops.”