Kedra Alliard Named Head of Sales for

Bob Preston
MONTREAL — Live cam provider has promoted sales representative Kedra Alliard to its head of sales.

In addition to her duties for, Alliard works as a live chat hostess for

Company president Mark Prince said that the job fell to Alliard organically.

"We were going to bring a crew of our chat hostesses as sales reps and mobile contact points for potential customers, but they weren't all really clear on the software and about how to mingle and network," he said. "So I got Kedra to start tutoring a few, then a few more girls came to her, then it seemed she was coordinating a team."

Alliard said she was looking forward to taking formal control of's sales force.

"I love football, and I tried to bring some of football's strategic and tactical approach to our sales team" she said.

Alliard operates the paysite and posts on industry message boards under the handle 2muchKedra.