SilverCash Offers Flash SSFeeds, New CDN

Anne Winter
RIVERSIDE, Calif. — SilverCash is now offering SilverSinema’s SSFeeds in Flash format, and has implemented a third-party content delivery network (CDN) for faster load time.

SilverCash CEO Mike Price told XBIZ that the addition of Flash videos, formerly availably only in WMV and Quicktime formats, makes the feeds universally compatible.

"With the diversity of today's Internet users, it becomes more and more difficult to ensure that everything works for everyone,” Price said. “Offering the feeds in Flash seemed like the best possible solution."

SSFeeds also now works with a CDN to lower bandwidth costs for clients and provide virtually immediate load times, something the company said customers have been asking for.

“Being able to offer a better product at a lower cost is very important in today's economy, so we are very excited with the changes,” Price said.

For more information, view a demo at, or email