AEBN Debuts PZP Productions' Latest Release

Ariana Rodriguez
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — PZP Productions’ latest movie “Blond Virgin Twinks We’ve Seduced” has been released to AEBN prior to its DVD street date.

"This is PZP's first straight-to-VOD production, and the only VOD we'd consider is AEBN, due to their huge customer base and state-of-the-art technology," PZP Productions' Peter Z. Pan said. "This is an experiment for us; and if it does well, AEBN will be the exclusive VOD outlet for our new line of niche-fetish movies: DaddyDoesTwinks.Com, coming in the New Year.”

Directed by Pan, “Blond Virgin Twinks We’ve Seduced” continues the studio’s line of twink titles, which also include “The Twink Whisperer” and “Oliver Twink.”

"We're excited to have another title from PZP Productions available through our theaters," AEBN's Chris Baker said. "We have had a great relationship with the studio, which has let us offer some of their films exclusively to our customers."

The partnership between PZP Productions and AEBN began in 2006 with the VOD release of “BeTwinked.”

"We still have a great relationship with our retail distributer, Marina Pacific, and will continue to release our main line of movies through them,” Pan said. “We feel fortunate to be able to work both AEBN and Marina Pacific: AEBN, the No. 1 VOD in the country; and Marina Pacific, the No. 1 retail distributor in the country. Best of both worlds."