SexEntertain Releases Sparta Content

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — SexEntertain has released a new collection of exclusive Latin gay porn feeds from Sparta Content.

The Sparta Content “Powered by SexEntertain” line of products draws from a catalog of high-quality gay porn movies set in Brazil. The first three releases include “Solo Brazil,” “Brazilian Sex Party” and “Brazilian Twinks.”

Each product features Flash-streaming in high definition, standard definition and a lower bit rate setting for slower Internet connections. The feeds are all set up for one-page navigation to keep the member situated within the webmasters pages. Each feed also is set up to be embedded within the webmaster’s pages to improve client retention.

"The Sparta Content products we just released are really excellent and with ultra-premium gay content products for webmasters in short supply, we expect them to be very popular,” SexEntertain co-owner RJ said. “The premium exclusive content these feeds contain is enhanced with great design and great features. The Flash-streaming quality is exceptional and these products will certainly enhance any gay site. Once again, SexEntertain delivers the very best in leased content products with brands that convert."

The Sparta Content products "Powered by SexEntertain" also features SexEntertain’s proprietary Studio XML Updates tool, which webmasters can use to dynamically generate embeddable content pages from their licensed content products to expand their sites.