Shunga Receives Accolades for Outstanding Products

Anne Winter
MONTREAL — Shunga Erotic Art was named Best Product Line – International at the eLine Awards during the VENUS Berlin expo. The company calls it the most coveted of Europe’s product awards.

Shunga parent company Eau Zone has been awarded European accolades in the past, having won for best edible cosmetic line at the 2005 Cosmeeting Natural Beauty Summit in Paris.

Company President Sylvain Seguin said receiving multiple honors like these makes it clear Shunga makes quality products.

“To receive again such honor is just reflecting the fact that we develop products that reach more and more couples looking to enhance their love life with top quality product,” Seguin said. “Our products are sold worldwide since love is, some say, universal. We have developed a brand that really meets couples expectations.”

The Shunga Erotic Art collection features luxury erotic body products manufactured by FDA, Health Canada and European Cosmetic Directive regulation standards, as well as its own strict good manufacturing procedures.

“In my mind, it makes no doubt that the success we encounter worldwide is part because we control every step of the production and design,” Seguin said. “The only sad part of this so tremendous success is to see that local media do not talk so much about us.”

Its most recent release is the Dragon Virility Cream made to offer stimulating “fire and ice” sensations to both partners during use.

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