MyGayCash Unveils Non-Adult Short Film

Bob Preston
PHOENIX — A new non-adult title from an adult company imagines a world where the rules of prejudice get inverted.

Gay adult affiliate company has unveiled the new title "Dirty Bent Bastards" on its adult paysite

The title stars a who's-who of gay adult talent, including Rocco Banks, Trojan Rock, Carlo Cox, Daniel Marvin, Butch Grand and Orlando Toro.

The movie runs 27 minutes and follows two mobbed-up gay couples who try to keep their relationships going while planning their revenge against a psychopathic criminal who targets gay victims.

Star Trojan Rock also owns Alpha Male Media. He said that he and his fellow filmmakers plan to take the movie around gay film festivals in 2010. He also promised fans that even though it isn't a regular adult title, it will feature sex and violence, as well as a storyline that prominently features gay porn.

"'Dirty Bent Bastards' has its tongue firmly in its cheek while looking to promote its stars and its [R-rated] titles in a more novel and entertaining way," Rock said.

A full-length preview for "Dirty Bent Bastards" is available on