Topco Posts Results of Semenex Challenge

Anne Winter
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Adult novelty manufacturer Topco Sales challenged consumers across the U.S. to taste-test its semen sweetener, Semenex, and post their thoughts on a specially designed website.

Desiree Duffie, Topco’s director of marketing and public relations, said the site and the Semenex Challenge were created as a tool to help market a product that might still be a bit confusing and initially unappealing.

“A product that sweetens a man's cum is a tricky one to market,” Duffie said. “People are skeptical. People are confused about how to use it and why to use it. Frankly, it's a lot to for some people to swallow. We hope the Semenex Challenge will give consumers a quick education on Semenex and also put a smile on their lips.”

The Semenex Challenge website features written accounts from people who took the challenge — both the men who consumed it and the women who tasted the results — and also offers video reviews.

"The video is a quirky parody of those soda challenges you saw in the 70s and 80s,” Topco Video Content Producer Annalee Wooster said. “We wanted to illustrate in a fun, yet honest way, the incredible benefits of Semenex. The video is a compelling component of the Semenex Challenge website."

Topco also has released the Semenex Challenge widget to drive traffic to the site, and can be implemented on blogs, social networking profiles and ecommerce sites. The widget offers a taste of the challenge’s video and its corresponding reviews.

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