Australian Sex Party Protests Religious Group Influence on Politics

Ariana Rodriguez
DEAKIN WEST, Australia — The Australian Sex Party gathered peacefully on Saturday to protest the Catch the Fire Ministries on Mt. Ainslie.

The protest was to display discontent with the influence radical religious groups have on federal politics.

Party convenor Fiona Patten called the protest an “exorcism.”

“If a God-fearing member of Parliament is threatened with ‘eternal damnation’ for voting in favor of gay marriage, this is clearly as much of a contempt as any other threat to an ministries pastor — more in some instances,” Patten said.

Pastor Danny Nalliah claimed that Canberra witches have been holding blood sacrifices on Mt. Ainslie as a way of hexing the parliament and of promoting homosexuality and abortion.

The event included a “blood sacrifice” in the form of a halel sausage and kofta ball sizzle. The group also unveiled an oil painting representing blood sacrifices and religious influence on the federal Parliament.

Patten said that since Kevin Rudd has become prime minister, the percentage of federal ministries pastors who were members of the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship rose from 75 to 84 — almost 38 percent.

“This is way out of proportion to the 9 percent of the Australian public who claim to be committed weekly worshippers,” she said. “We are a secular society increasingly being run by religious agendas.”