World of Men Releases ‘Turkey’

LOS ANGELES — World of Men CEO Collin O’Neal and business partner Rich Richards distributed 1,000 copies of the company’s newly released title, “World of Men: Turkey.”

“As you all know, Rich and I fly all over the world all the time, but this time we combined sales and adventure that led to amazing profits,” O’Neal said.

“World of Men: Turkey” was filmed in southern Turkey by O’Neal during an Al-Qaeda raid by the Turkish government in the city of Gaziantep earlier this year.

“A lot more than usual was going on during this trip,” O’Neal said. “I had to personally cross the Syrian border with my model Jesus to pick up my Syrian body builder model Jacko and bring him back to Turkey.”

The movie also stars Venezuelan performer Jean Franco and newcomers Pascal and Sam.

O’Neal also just finished production for his new “World of Men” DVD in Colombia, which is set to be released in late November.

For sales, call O’Neal at (305) 606-3258, or email