Empowered Products Repackages Stroke 29

Anne Winter
LAS VEGAS — Lube and lotion manufacturer Empowered Products has redesigned packaging for its Stroke 29 masturbation cream to make it easier and cleaner to use.

The company has re-released the cream in a 3.3-ounce flip-top tube for “flick of the wrist” convenience after much customer feedback and request.

“Due to the overwhelming success of our Jack Jelly Masturbation Jelly Tubes, we knew it was time to move Stroke 29 over to the same tube packaging which customers have been asking for,” Empowered’s Mason Nance said.

The formula — which includes skin soothers such as aloe vera and vitamin E — remains the same, allowing the friction from the hand’s rubbing motion combined with body heat to create a unique sensation by the 29th stroke.

“This has been an amazing year for Stroke 29,” Nance said. “The numbers are amazing; it has been flying off shelves and is proving to be the leader in pleasure creams.”