Bluebird Taps Private for Global Distribution

Anne Winter
BARCELONA — Bluebird Films has named Private Media Group exclusive global distributor of its content. The five-year deal will make Bluebird content available on 38 major platforms in 24 countries.

“Bluebird has the catalog we have been seeking,” Private CEO Ilan Bunimovitz said. “With our access to global markets, we can rapidly catapult Bluebird to international success.”

Private’s vast platform portfolio includes broadcasting via satellite and cable TV, IPTV, mobile, DDT, Internet and Blu-ray DVD. Its mobile reach alone covers 104 mobile operators in 45 countries with 1.2 billion mobile phone users, and its network represents 38 major platforms in 24 countries, according to the company.

Bluebird CEO Nicholas Steele said the company initially considered self-distribution, but after familiarizing itself with Private’s market reach, it was clear a partnership was necessary.

“When you’ve invested significant monetary value over five years to develop your catalog, you take a good hard look before you partner with anyone to distribute it,” Steele said. “There was simply no one with the combination of services Private offers: They have a proven track record on brand management, they understand the emerging channels across the world, they fathom the particularities of producing content for a global audience, and, with Gamelink, they are leaders in online distribution.”

Bunimovitz recognizes Bluebird’s market reach and array of high-quality content, and with Private’s distribution capabilities, he calls the partnership an “elegant match,” in which Private can satisfy customer demand in multiple markets, while Bluebird can meet expectations as a solid source of premium adult films.

Bluebird also has a new catalog of more than 300 unreleased HD titles, and with an ongoing production schedule of 16 films per month, there will be plenty of content to keep the wheels moving.

“Going forward, we expect this arrangement to have a significant impact on our bottom line,” Bunimovitz said.

A co-owned platform company, the company said Bluebird Private Inc. has been formed to ensure complete inter-company cooperation in the shoot-to-sell process — from initiation of production through business-to-business and business-to-consumer delivery.