New York Daily News Interviews Lorelei Lee

Bob Preston
NEW YORK — Adult performer Lorelei Lee received recognition for her creative writing as well as her prowess in the bedroom.

The New York Daily News ran a profile of Lee that explores her pursuit for a master’s degree from NYU. Lee is presumably working toward an MFA in creative writing from the university’s graduate school, where she’s a first-year student.

"It's not weird anymore," said Lee, referring to her dual career tracks. "I've just been doing this for so long."

The Daily News credits Lee with more than 200 adult appearances, although the IAFD only lists 71. In any event, the 28-year-old star of such movies as “Big Black Cock Addiction 3” and “Cum Guzzlers 6” has seen her fiction published in $pread Magazine and the Denver Quarterly.

Lee acquired her undergraduate degree at San Francisco State University, where her professors encouraged her to pursue an MFA in creative writing. The professor who called Lee to congratulate her on getting into the program said that she was excited about her writing.

"I don't know if she says that to everybody, but it felt pretty good," Lee said, and so far, she’s getting positive reviews from her fellow MFA students.

"It's wonderful," NYU student Ayesha Attah said. "Whatever experience you can draw on, you should. Hers is amazing."

Lee said she plans to continue doing adult after she gets her degree.

"I still do get something out of my work in porn," Lee said. "I think I'm good at it."