Ranowear Acquires Adult Apparel Store BodyBody.com

Anne Winter
CHICAGO — Online retail marketing company Ranowear Inc. has acquired retail site BodyBody.com, and now offers a wider selection of sexy apparel and swimwear. The site was purchased from former owner Sportswear LLC.

A Ranowear representative said the company plans to integrate its fulfillment and customer service expertise into BodyBody.com’s existing platform and streamline the purchase experience.

“BodyBody.com is legendary for mail order women’s swimwear,” Ranowear CEO Willis Domingo said. “We want to build on its solid track record and make Body Body swimwear and mini skirts available to even more body conscious female purchasers.”

BodyBody.com is known for stocking hard-to-find skimpy swimwear and lingerie for large-breasted women, including D- and E-cup swimsuits. Its underwear designs also have attracted a following of female shoppers, he said.

For more information, email Director of Public Relations Catherine Stend at Catherine@BodyBody.com.