Video-X-Pix Takes Distro In-House

Steve Javors
NEW YORK — Adult classics production house Video-X-Pix has formally ended its distribution agreement with Pure Play Media and taken all distribution back in-house.

The company’s new distribution strategy comes just shy of a year since signing on with Pure Play.

“We're still very close with [Pure Play President] Richard [Arnold] and the entire crew at Pure Play, but we just wanted to bring everything back in-house where we would have full control over our product line, from production to sales and fulfillment,” Video-X-Pix President Steven Morowitz said.

In order to accomplish its new sales goals, Video-X-Pix has brought on industry veteran Rob Ragan who has more than 20 years in adult industry sales experience. Ragan formerly worked for Western Visuals in its heyday and currently runs All Boys Distribution in Maine.

“I have met and spoken with both Steve and [Vice President] Jamie [Horne] at several of the shows and have always liked them both,” Ragan said. “Their production line speaks for itself, as they are truly the kings of quality as it relates to the classics. Steve’s dad, VXP founder Arthur Morowitz, is a legend and I am honored to be associated with this legacy. I can only say that I am both proud and privileged that they would ask me to become a part of their company.”

Ragan will work out of his Maine office and all VXP product will be shipped from the company’s warehouse in New Jersey.

“This addition to our team is going to get us much more exposure and has already opened up doors to new customers,” Morowitz said. “I like that Rob is doing this from his own office; it gives us all the independence we need and it forces us to speak daily and review accounts. I am also amazed at how quickly Rob has grasped the essence of our DVD line — he really knows his stuff.”

VXP presents its library of classics titles in a free 48-page color catalog. The company offers special packs, its new Platinum Elite Series and box sets.

Video-X-Pix has been around for more than 35 years. The company was founded by Steven Morowitz’s dad, Arthur Morowitz, and boasts a library of more than 200 Golden Age titles.

Ragan can be reached by phone at (877) 525-5269, or via email at