Shunga Streets Dragon Virility Cream

Anne Winter
MONTREAL — Adult lotion and potion manufacturer Shunga has released Dragon Virility Cream, a sensitivity cream formulated for men but with the woman’s benefit in mind.

A Shunga representative said the company spend more than a year of research and development to perfect the cream’s ingredient combination, and successfully created a product that offers a “fire and ice” sensation for both users.

Made from a combination of natural extracts and herbs, Dragon Virility Cream should be applied to the male genitals before intercourse. The sensation develops after a few minutes, and heightens sensitivity.

”Once a lover has come in contact with its partner and the cream, it will sensitize and intensify her pleasure, which will help bring her to the peak of multiple intense orgasms — like a carnal fusion in between two bodies,” a company release said.

The sensation is meant to last up to 45 minutes, and is latex safe.

Shunga also has developed several point-of-sale materials, including banners, counter cards and shelf talkers, to go along with the Dragon launch.

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