Teledildonic Pro to Speak at Sexual Technology Conference

Anne Winter
SAN FRANCISCO — Allen Stein, developer of the Thrillhammer sex machine, is set to host an opening night workshop Oct. 1 at the Arse Elektronika event, where he will discuss the technology behind haptic devices.

Stein said he plans to take the audience on a “trip” through the past 10 years’ evolution of commercial teledildonics in the adult industry, as well as shed light on society’s first interactions with machine-powered sex.

He also will be on hand to demonstrate some of the latest in sexual technologies, including his own. His lecture is entitled, “Welcome to The First Church of Appliantology-Browser Based Telemetry of Genital Haptic Devices.”

“I can’t think of a better forum than Arse to keep the dialog going,” Stein said. “It is important that the huddled masses are reminded that sex is not just for reproduction and it’s for pleasure. Last year I participated on The Erotic of Machine panel and I am excited to participate again in this year’s Arse where I can stretch out and give my own talk.”

Arse Elektronika 2009 also will feature talks and performances from noted sex writers, performers, educators and industry members. It takes place Oct. 1-4 at locations throughout the city.

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