AMG Brasil, Vergenza Team for ‘DURO’ Release

Anne Winter
SAN FRANCISCO — Athletic Model Guild (AMG) will release its big-budget release “DURO” tomorrow, calling it its most expensive film since “Amazonia,” and teamed with luxe dildo manufacturer Vergenza for product placement.

The film made its online debut at in August, and AMG President Dennis Bell said it’s the first film from the studio to have necessitated an extended production schedule after the metal Vergenza products were deemed a threat, and caused delay at the airport.

“We wanted to concentrate our time and efforts on producing a really high quality product,” Bell said. “So many porn films are shot over a weekend, zipped through post in a month, and sent straight to duplication. It was our thought that in uncertain economic times, consumers are looking for quality and value, and that’s what we delivered.”

The high-end Vergenza dildos, made of aircraft-grade aluminum, are featured throughout the film, Bell said, and are even fondly referred to as the 10th cast member.

“These dildos are gorgeous, and very high end in the sex toy market, so it was a perfect fit to our premium Brazilian hardcore line,” Bell said. “When you see one of our models, arguably the most beautiful men in Brazil, getting fucked by one of these super sleek toys, the effect is explosive — literally.”

The film follows performer Marcelo Mastro as he makes his way through a private estate in the Brazilian jungle and stars seven new faces to the gay porn scene. Scenes include solo, duo, three-way and orgy scenarios.

“This film was about delivering the best product we could — no cutting corners, no substitutions,” Bell said. “‘DURO’ has the sexiest men in Brazil, the best production value we are capable of, and more cum shots than you can shake a stick at.”