Adult Profit Unveils Time-Sensitive Banner Ads

Bob Preston
LOS ANGELES — Adult affiliate company Adult Profit has turned to time-sensitive web coding to help webmasters promote celebrity content.

The company's roster of paysites includes five celebrity-themed sites. The company has always offered banner ads to promote these sites, but now they've rolled out self-updating ads that will trumpet the latest celebrity sex tape or scandal, no matter the time or date.

"Our webmasters will start making money from a hot scandal as soon as it hits the airwaves, whether they're around their computers or not," a company representative said. "Surfers want the latest and hottest happenings in the celeb world, and now these images will be on our webmaster's sites immediately. This will give our webmasters a huge advantage, and it will prove to be a big money maker for them."

The ads make use of iFrame technology to display dynamically updated ads.

Adult Profit's celebrity-themed sites include, and