Flava Works Serving Up 'Mixed Nuts'

JC Adams
MIAMI — Production house Flava Works has begun filming its first all-male interracial series. The debut installment titled "MiXXXed Nuts" stars studio exclusive Cody Kyler and DeAngelo Jackson and will be released next week.

"MiXXXed Nuts" features a quartet of black-and-white interracial duos as well as a threesome shot on location in Paris.

DeAngelo and Kyler are paired together in the first scene and anchor the threesome with the singly named Jules in the fifth and final vignette.

Featured players include Anubis, Indy, Tony Michaels, Mr. Saukei and Brian Werner. A hardcore trailer and photo gallery can be found online at CocoStore.com.

The 18-year-old Kyler is the first Caucasian exclusive to sign with Flava Works. The studio has set up an official website and blog for him at CodyKyler.com.

"MiXXXed Nuts" is set for release Sept. 29. For U.S. wholesale inquiries, email sales rep Vince Butler at Vince@flavaworks.com or call 877-352-8276.