Male Spectrum’s Latest Video Retells Biblical Meeting

Ariana Rodriguez
CYBERSPACE — Adult studio Male Spectrum released a video today that explains what it describes as “the root cause of the Mormon Church’s stance regarding homosexuality.”

The latest episode of “His First Gay Sex,” which can be viewed here, features a hardcore retelling of a historical meeting between Jesus and Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church.

“This history lesson came to us through a very reliable source.” said Kim Kysar, brand manager of Male Spectrum. “After verifying the authenticity, and after careful consideration, Male Spectrum decided to recreate the historic meeting in what we hope will be a motivational film that sways the Mormon Church back towards its previous views.”

Male Spectrum filmed the entire reenactment in England and tapped performer Zach Hazzard to play the role of Jesus.

“I got the role of Jesus, which was quite an honor,” Hazzard said. “I've played some parts before but I never thought I'd get to be the son of God. The guy I worked with who played Joseph Smith was hot, we've worked together before and I love outdoor scenes which this one was.”

The role of Joseph Smith is played by Kaden Bailey.

“I’ve done loads of shoots before but this is the weirdest I have ever done, but also the most fun,” Bailey said. “Playing Joseph Smith meant wearing a costume from the 1800s which was a bit odd from my normal dress style, but I got used to it and the waistcoat was actually kind of hot.”

According to the company, the Mormon Church in the past year has made no secret their view that homosexuality is a sin, with the two most publicized events being their strong support of Proposition 8 in California and the harassment of two gay men kissing on church grounds.

On the flip side, Male Spectrum has invigorated the opposition with charitable donations to human rights groups and sponsorships of gay events, such as the Sexy Sins tour by Manhunt.

“No one was more surprised than us to find that the Mormon Church originally took a very different position with respect to homosexuality,” Kysar said. “All joking aside folks, we had a lot of fun shooting this episode. We as a company respect everyone’s right to their own opinion and appreciate the opportunity to poke a little fun at views that are opposed to our own.”